The World’s fastest memory from OCZ


OCZ has the World’s fastest memory, the PC-9200 DDR2 ram. In the OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC 2x1GB Kit, a heatsink is inclued.

The latest generation of DDR2 modules by far exceeds the original projections of the DDR2 design triggering a need for amendments in the operating specifications. For example, operating voltage, originally defined as 1.8V, has increased to typically 2.1V or even higher to reach 1GHz+ frequencies. In the case of a DDR2 module running at 1200 MHz and 2.1V supply voltage, this entails that the power consumption increases many times over that of the same module running at 400 MHz and 1.8V supply voltage. Power consumption, in turn, directly translates into heat dissipation.



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