The First BitTorrent Optimized Microprocessor

The First BitTorrent Optimized Microprocessor

IAdea Corporation and Star Semiconductor Corporation, both from Taiwan has announced the availability of STR9810/20 processor — the world’s first BitTorrent-optimized chip.
The BitTorrent-optimized STR9810/20 microprocessors “feature an ARM922-based core, network interface and dual USB 2.0 high-speed ports”. It can be used in products like wireless routers, DVD players, TV Set top boxes and other digital deivces. The chip will be avillable in the first quarter and the price starts at $8.75 in quantities of 1,000.

“BitTorrent continues to expand its roster of partners along the digital content value chain — from content destination sites to the semiconductors that power the most popular consumer electronic devices,” said Ashwin Navin, President and Co-Founder of BitTorrent. “The growing BitTorrent ecosystem reflects our vision for BitTorrent embedded everywhere people want an improved entertainment experience.”



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