Hitachi Prius Air type R AR33R5T, AR31R4T desktop PCs

Hitachi Prius Air type R

Again, new desktop PCs from Hitachi, this time Prius Air type R. There are two models, the AR33R5T and the AR31R4T.

The Hitachi Prius Air type R AR33R5T and AR31R4T are powered by an Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor and 512MB(AR31R4T) or 1GB(AR33R5T) of DDR2 RAM. They have a 320GB hard drive, a DVD+/- Dual layer burner and a 19-inch LCD screen. The AR33R5T runs the Windows Vista Home Premium while the AR31R4T runs Windows Vista Home Basic and both of them have the Microsoft Office 2007 Personal 2007 bundled.

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