Panasonic Let’s Note W5 CF-W5M Laptop

Panasonic Let's Note W5

Panasonic updates also its W5 series to include the Windows Vista Business. There are two models, CF-W5MW8AJR and CF-W5MW8HJR. The only difference is that the latter one will also include the Microsoft Office Personal 2007 with PowerPoint 2007.

The new Panasonic CF-W5M laptop is powered by an Intel Core Duo U2400 ULV 1.06GHz processor, 512MB of RAM (MAX 1536MB), a 60GB STAT hard drive, a dual layer DVD Burner supports also DVD-RAM.

The W5 series has a 12.1-inch LCD screen with resolution 1024×767, WiFi IEEE 802.11A/B/G.Same as other Let’s Note laptops, it has a SD card slot with SDHC compatibility, ability to support 100kg weights and drop from 30cm.


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