Gresso Symphonia Luxury MP3 Player

Gresso Symphonia Luxury MP3 Player

We have seen some luxury mobile phone, here comes a luxury MP3 player.

This is a ulta-exclusive (also ultra-expensive) MP3 player from Gresso, called Symphonia. There are 4 model of the Gresso Symphonia to be made from Blackwood and White Gold, Blackwood and Pink Gold, White Gold and Pink Gold. They will be launched in Q2 2007 with “ancient blackwood and 18 carat gold in each case, with prices ranging from EUR 3000 (US$4000) to EUR 5000 (US$6500)”.

The Gresso Symphonia MP3 Player has 1GB interal memory, support for MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG music, FM Tuner. It measures 39 x 39 x 10.5 mm.



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