byd:sign LF-4200DFK, LF-4700DFK LCD HDTVs

byd:sign LF-4200DFK, LF-4700DFK LCD HDTV

byd:sign presents two new LCD HDTVs, the LF-4200DFK and LF-4700DFK. The LF-4200DFK is the 42-inch model and the LF-4700DFK is 47-inch. Both of them has a resolution of 1920×1080, contrast ratio of 1200:1, brightness of 500cd/m2, and a viewing angle of 176 degree. LF-4200DFK has 6.5ms of response time and 6ms for the 47-inch model.

The byd:sign LF-4200DFK costs 219,800 Yen while the LF-4700DFK costs 269,800Yen.



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