DXG Roadster DXG-521 Portable Media Center

DXG Roadster DXG-521 Portable Media Center

This is the Roadster DXG-521 portable media center. The DXG Roadster DXG-521 has a 5.13 Megapixel cemera, 4x digital zoom, a 2.5 LTPS LCD screen, supports MP3, WMA music files and MPG, AVI, ASF, MOV, JPG, WMV video formats. It has also builtin FM Tuner and supports voice recording.

The Roadster DXG-521 can record video in 640×480 pixel at 30fps in MPEG4/MPEG1 formats. It has 32MB internal memory and supports SD/MMC memory cards up to 2GB.

The DXG Roadster DXG-521 measures 4.75×0.81×2.25 inches and weights abut 4.23 ounces.



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