Drobo storage array

Drobo storage array

This is the Drobo storage array developed by Data Robotics. The Drobo supports both SATA I and II 3.5-inch hard drive. It works with PC and Mac as it supports both NTFS and HFS. Drobo is to be launched in Summer at about $700.
Features List:

Robotic Operations
Drobo is programmed to take actions on your behalf; always ensuring it’s keeping your data safe and optimized:

* Auto-formatting of added drives1
* Auto-repair of data after drive failure
* Auto-repair of data corruption
* Auto-repair of data redundancy
* Auto-expansion of storage pool
* (when drives are added or upsized)
* Auto-sense & display of capacity used

Consolidated Capacity
Regardless of how many hard drives are installed, your Mac or PC sees one large drive:

* Consolidation of storage into large pool
* Accessible via High-Speed USB 2.0
* Accepts one to four drives.

Automated Protection
Data on Drobo is automatically protected against drive failure and data corruption:

* Redundant protection of all data
* Protection against drive failure
* Sensing and avoiding data corruption
* Auto-repair of data after drive failure2
* Protection against multiple drive failures2

Flexible Configuration
It’s extremely easy to add capacity to Drobo; just like adding ink to a printer:

* Uses standard 3.5″ SATA I or II drives
* Accepts any brand, capacity, or speed
* No tools, just insert drives into slots

Infinite Expansion
Expand capacity forever by adding new, or upsizing installed drives without data migration or configuration:

* Insert new drives to any available bay
* Replace installed hard drives with larger drives to increase total capacity
* New capacity is available instantly
* Add drives without downtime or configuration

Intuitive Indicators
Drobo informs you what actions are required with simple to understand indicator lights (no software required)

* Green = healthy, no action necessary
* Yellow = low, add drive here soon
* Red = full, add drive immediately
* Flashing red = failure, replace drive

Drobo storage array



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