Verizon G’zOne Type-S Rugged Phone

Verizon GzOne Type-S

Verizon introduces the G’zOne Type-S rugged phone which is produced by Casio. The Verizon G’zOne Type-S has a 1.8-inch 65k color TFT LCD display, a 1.3-inch Black and White STN secondary display, a 300K pixel CMOS digital camera with flash and digital zoom.

The Verizon G’zOne passed all the 4 tests of Water Resistance, Humidity, Drop and Dust Resistance. G’zOne Type-S is now available on Verizon for $149.99 after $50 rebate and a new two-year customer agreement.


* The Water Resistance test was performed in accordance with Method 506.4, Procedure I. The GzOne Type-S was subjected to this test with the handset open and closed, but with ports closed for 30 minutes on the front of the unit and then 30 minutes on the back of the unit. The test was designed to simulate rainfall of 2 inches per hour with a 40 MPH wind.

* The Humidity test was performed in accordance with Method 507.4. The G’zOne Type-S tested for operation after the conclusion of the tenth cycle. Each cycle was 24 hours and the entire test was performed over ten days. The temperature was cycled between 86 and 140F with the relative humidity at 95 percent constant.

* The Drop test was performed in accordance with Method 516.5, Procedure IV. The G’zOne Type-S was sequentially dropped in non-operating mode, onto each face, edge and corner for a total of 26 drops from a height of 1.50 meters (4.9 feet). The drop surface was defined as two-inch-thick plywood over a steel plate over concrete.

* The Dust Resistance test was performed in accordance with Method 510.4, Procedure I. A temperature of 95F was used for this test. Silica flour as defined by the test standard was used. Devices are given a passing grade when moving parts are not bound or blocked and if the unit powers on.


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