Asus Eee PC Preview

Asus Eee PC

NotebookReview gives us a hand-on preview on the Asus’ upcoming Eee PC mini laptop. Asus Eee PC is powered by an Intel Dothan Pentium M processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB or 16GB flash drive. It has a 7-inch LCD display, 3 USB port and a SD card slot.

Eee PC runs Linux OS.

Some of the comments:

You already know the bootup time is fast, and I’m happy to say that not once did I ever see an hour glass (or, whatever might indicate “waiting” in this Linux OS) when opening an application. Everything was just instant.

The keyboard is definitely small and takes some getting used to, I initially found that pecking at keys was faster than doing a normal style fast type. It’s just hard not to fat finger the wrong key or two keys at once, even if you have medium sized fingers. The keyboard also had a bit of rattle and shake to it, but it definitely worked for getting the job done.


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