Hitachi BD70E, BD7HE Blu-ray Camcorder

Hitachi BD70E, BD7HE

Hitachi introduces the BD70E and BD7HE HD camcorder, which records to Blu-ray discs. Both of them feature 5.3 Megapixel CMOS image sensor allowing them to record 1920 x 1080 high definition videos. Both BD70E and BD7HE have 10x optical zoom lens.

Hitachi BD7HE is a hybrid camcorder that can record to Blu-ray discs and with a 30GB hard disk drive. Hitachi BD70E can record only to Blu-ray discs. They have also a 2.7-inch LCD widescreen display. The two camcorder have also SD card slot and supports USB 2.0 connectivity.

‘With our new Blu-ray disc camcorders, this becomes a reality. You can capture and record the sharpest, Full HD images onto high capacity Blu-ray discs, which are fast becoming the new benchmark reference format for HD movies. The results are incredible. In HD, your memories remain fresh forever; as full of passion and life as the moments themselves; and with an unrivalled level of quality that lets you see, hear, experience, and feel more than ever before.’



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