Motorola W series Entry level Phones

Motorola W

Motorola has the new W series of entry level cellphones, including the W156, W160, W175, W180, W206, W213, and W377.

Both W156 and W160 are candy bar phones with a 128×128 black and white display, speakerphone and the W160 adds also FM radio.

The W175 and W180 has also a 128×128 65k color display, support for Quad-band GSM network, and the W180 has also FM Radio.

W206 and W213 are also candy bar style phones. They have a 128×128 65k color display, 1MB internal memory and speakerphone. The W213 features also FM radio.

The W377 is the most advanced model in the lineup. It is a flip style phone with 128×160 color display, a VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, 10MB internal memory and FM radio.



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