Haier Ibiza Rhapsody PMP

Haier Ibiza Rhapsody

Haier Ibiza Rhapsody features a 2.5-inch LCD display with QVGA resolution, integrated 1.8-inch Hard drive, Bluetooth with A2DP support, and WiFi, USB 2.0 connectivity.

It supports playback of ”MP3, WMA (DRM 10 included), WAV, AAC audio and MPEG4, WMV, M4V, AVI, H.264, MPG video”. Haier Ibiza Rhapsody is now available at Amazon for $330 and there are 5 colors.

You get an FM radio with RDS and integrated podcast support–with a separate menu selection and the ability to update podcasts on the go from any WiFi hotspot. Much like the Sansa Connect does with Yahoo, the ibiza can access the Rhapsody catalog and Channels from anywhere with wireless access (if you have a subscription: a 30-day trial is provided). Plus, you can even access video on the go through AOL Video, and the ibiza has the ability to set and save wireless keys as well as get past terms and conditions pages for public hotspots.



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