Polymer Vision Readius with 3G

Polymer Vision Readius

Finally, Polymer Vision announced that its rollable display is now in production. Polymer Vision is preparing its first product, Readius for the launch before the year end. The Readius will have a 5-inch rollable display and supports 3G connectivity.

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Polymer Vision Readius

Polymer Vision Readius

Press Relase

Polymer Vision pioneers world’s first production of rollable displays
December 10, 2007

Achieving a major milestone towards larger displays in small mobile devices

Eindhoven, The Netherlands ‘ December 10th 2007

Polymer Vision, a spin out of Royal Philips Electronics, today announced first production level rollable displays from its recently acquired manufacturing facility, Polymer Vision (UK) Ltd in Southampton, England.

In less than twelve months the clean room facilities have been completed, the first complete manufacturing tool set has been installed and the process has been successfully transferred from Eindhoven to the Southampton facility. The first batch of rollable displays produced has immediately delivered functional displays and from December onwards volumes will ramp up to meet growing customer demand.

‘Our strategy to use standard semiconductor infrastructure has helped us to successfully and quickly start up production in Southampton’, says Guido Aelbers, COO of Polymer Vision. ‘The result is an unprecedented pioneering step for the flexible display industry as a whole and marks the beginning of a new era of commercialization of rollable display enabled devices.

Demand for larger mobile displays is accelerating as telecom players push mobile content and mobile advertisements to compensate for shrinking growth in voice revenues. The solution is to unroll the display when needed and simply store away when not in use. This breakthrough for the mobile industry is closer than many may have expected as samples of Polymer Vision’s first commercial product, the Readius, will be shipped to customers before the end of 2007. With this step Polymer Vision is leading the industry of rollable/flexible displays by at least one year.

The Readius is a pocket sized device which combines a large 5 rollable display with 3G high speed connectivity for true mobility and instant access to personalized news and information. The Readius is the first member of a family of future Polymer Vision products that will offer consumers large rollable displays (5 and bigger) in small pocket size devices.



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