Kreative Power POWRAMID E-900H Surge Protector

Kreative Power POWRAMID E-900H Surge Protector

This is the Powramid E-900H from Kreative Power, which is a Surge Protector with a conical design. The POWRAMID E-900H offers multiple outlets. The R-900H has a transparent safety switch cover, a surge protection LED indicator, an illuminating round on/off switch and a re-settable 15A circuit breaker. The device will be presented during the upcoming CES.

Unlike conventional power strip and bulky circular multi-outlet designs on the market, POWRAMID is a space-saving conical surge protector, having six widely-spaced outlets that can accommodate large-size plugs. Other key features include a stable base, centralized on/off switch, ergonomic hold-down knob, and safety switch cover.



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