Sharper Image 008TSI, 007TSI, 005TSI Cellphones

Sharper Image 005TSI

Sharper Image 008TSI is a slider phone with a 176×220 LCD display, a VGA camera, an integrated media player supporting MP3, MPEG4 and a microSD card slot.

Sharper Image 007TSI is a flip style mobile phone with a 128×160 56k color LCD display, MP3 and MPEG4 playback support and a microSD card slot.

Lastly the Sharper Image 005TSI, pictured above, is a phone with heat-sensor keypad, a 2-inch LCD touchscreen, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, integrated MP3, Video player, Bluetooth. It has a microSD card slot and it can be used as a webcam.

Sharper Image 008TSI
Sharper Image 007TSI




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