NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi LCD Display

NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi LCD Display

NEC announced the new MultiSync LCD3090WQXi, a 30-inch professional LCD display. It offers 2560×1600 resolution. It will be available in February for $2199.99.

List of features:
– 102 percent color gamut vs. NTSC, and 97.8 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB
color space
– ColorComp – Digitally compensates individual pixels for slight variations in the
white and color uniformity levels of the display, resulting in greater image
– X-Light Pro – Backlight/sensor design, which allows brightness and color settings to be held constant over the useful life of the display
– 12-bit internal LUT, which allows very precise adjustments to be made to the display’s Tone Response Curve without reducing the number of displayable colors as well as allowing for non-video card calibration
– AmbiBright, which automatically adjusts the display’s backlight, based on the ambient environment lighting, to achieve optimal viewing brightness and energy conservation.
– Black Level Adjustment, which creates black levels to more closely resemble those of a CRT
– Digital CableComp, which allows extended DVI-D cables, of up to 30 meters (or 100 meter analog cables), to be utilized without any image degradation or distortion
– Digital DVI-D with HDCP and analog DVI-I inputs with true MultiSync support for
non-native resolutions
– Multi-Directional Controls – Easily accessible horizontal and vertical control buttons for simple on-screen management in either landscape or portrait modes
– Eco-Mode, which allows users or administrators to dim the back- light to brightness level pre-sets of 75 percent or 50 percent, which reduce power consumption and yield longer product life
– Spectraview II Supported – Compatible with NEC’s color calibration software for hardware calibration and profiling
– Standalone calibration/matching – Sensor can be connected directly to monitor; no PC necessary for calibration
– Designed for landscape or portrait usage without degradation of performance or
life of product
– Extended 190mm height adjustment range, which allows unprecedented
ergonomic flexibility
– OSD Lockout – All functions, including power, can be locked out at the display for greater setting security
– Overdrive, which improves gray-to-gray response time for better gaming and fullmotion video experience
– Quick-release stand for easy mounting on third-party arms or wall mounts
– WEEE Compliant, which ensures easier, more environmentally friendly product
– Standard four- year limited warranty



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