Gigabyte GSmart MW700, MS800 PDA Phones

Gigabyte GSmart MS800

Here are two upcoming PDA smartphones, GSmart MW700 and MS800, from Gigabyte, being shown in the Mobile World Congress. Powered by Marvell PXA270 520 MHz processor, they both have a 2 Megapxiel camera, support for DVB-T/DVB-H digital TV and GPS navigation.

GSmart MS800 has a front camera as it is a 3.5 HSDPA phone while the MW700 comes with EDGE support.

Gigabyte GSmart MW700, MS800

More details from Gigabyte:

Mobile World Congress 2008 Preview: GIGA-BYTE Communications introduces the new digital TV PDA phone and GPS/3.5G PDA phone

As one of the innovative suppliers of PDA/ Smartphones, GIGA-BYTE Communications will demonstrate several new products at the Mobile World Congress 2008 – the world’s largest mobile and communications tradeshow holding in Barcelona Spain this year.

Extending their profession in mobile TV, new PDA phone supporting DVB-T/DVB-H will again be one of their focuses at the tradeshow; another focus will be the 3.5G Data-Card device, the new step of product line diversification has indicated GIGA-BYTE Communications’ ability and aggressiveness as a market player.

Furthermore, GIGA-BYTE Communications has long seen the increasing demand of the GPS built-in PDA phones, and will announce two Slim GPS PDA phones as their key products of Q1 2008 – GSmart MW700 & GSmart MS800.

GSmart MW700 & MS800 – Speed, Slim & Style

GSmart MW700 and MS800 are the GPS PDA phones focus on the business user market, that not only offers full business applications support, also provides multimedia features, such as camera, multi video/audio formats and FM radio.


In terms of speed, MW700 is a Edge support mobile, runs on Marvell PXA270 520 MHz CPU with the latest operating system, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, making communication and data management more efficient and powerful than ever.

MS800 is in advance supports HSDPA, which enhances faster speed operations; combing the front camera, users can join conference call or video calling anywhere and anytime without delay in voice and vision.


A revolution of GPS phone size, MS800 is said to be the slimmest 3.5G GPS phone! Both MW700 & MS800 are with the width of 14.95mm, which enhance the portability and provide better handheld feeling.


Slim, streamlined, smooth to touch, GSmart MW700 & MS800 are made to take over all senses. Packed with handy applications on an ample 2.8 inch touch screen, MW700 & MS800 presents the ultimate convenience that fits comfortably in your pocket.

Combining GPS, business application features, and multimedia features, these are the devices for both work and leisure, which allow you to travel smart and work with style.

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