Toshiba SD-P91DT, SD-P71DT and SD-P70DT Portable DVD Players

Toshiba SD-P91DT

Toshiba introduces 3 new Portable DVD players, SD-P91DT, SD-P71DT and SD-P71S. All of them supports 1Seg TV reception.

Toshiba SD-P91DT (pictured above) is the 9-inch model that supports HD DVD, DVD (including DVD-R and DVD-RW), while it supports also DivX, 1Seg digital TV reception and JPEG image viewing.

SD-P71DT is the model with 7-inch screen with 480×234 resolution. It supports DVD, CD.

SD-P70DT has similar functions as SD-P71DT, but with a shorter battery life of 3 hours compare to 5 hours of SD-P71DT.



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