Asus EeePC 900 Announced

Asus EeePC 900

Finally, Asus shows the world its new EeePC 900, which get a large screen, at the CeBit. The new EeePC 900 will come with a 8.9-inch LCD display. It will be equipped with 1GB of memory and up to 12GB of storage capacity.

The new EeePC 900 will be available in Summer this year and the price is 399 Euro.


ASUS Showcases Expanded Eee PC Family of PCs at CeBIT 2008
New Models of Eee PCs to Provide Enhanced Viewing, Performance and Storage Capabilities

The Eee PC is a new line of PCs that focuses on providing the most comprehensive Internet experience based on three Es: Easy to learn, work, play; Excellent Internet experience and Excellent on-the-Go. Although petite in size, this high performance miniature computer truly performs and comes with a durable, shock-proof solid-state design, making it easy for housewives, office ladies and students alike to carry and connect to the Internet. ASUS’commitment to innovative excellence has resulted in expanding the Eee PC family with new models that will incorporate larger storage, wider screens and higher performance; and this new generation of the ever-popular Eee PC will make its debut appearance at CeBIT 2008.

Overwhelming Popularity
The Eee PC has received great response from all over the world, with sales figures of 350 thousand units sold since its inception and with a projected 3 to 5 million units to be sold this year. During launches of the popular notebook, crowds were seen queuing up hours before start of sales worldwide in countries like Taiwan, US, Singapore and China. Even on the Internet, demand for the Eee PC has exceeded expectations, and the Eee PC was voted as “The Most Wanted Christmas Gift” by American and Cnet. It has also won a prestigious award at the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards for 2008.

In Germany, households have embraced the new lightweight laptop, with parents enjoying the compact wonder together with their children. According to a parent who described how useful the Eee PC is for her, “It is so lightweight and small that I can bring it around anywhere in the home as I do my housework. Best of all, the interface is so easy to use, I can check online transactions, order groceries, and keep myself in touch with friends and family without any hassles.”

Expanding the Eee PC Family
ASUS has made several innovative improvements with the next generation of the Eee PC, dubbed the Eee PC 900. These new technologies will bring about a brand new concept for Internet access with 1G of memory, larger storage of up to 12GB, and wider 8.9-inch screens. These new Eee PCs will cost 399 Euro each, and will be available in summer this year, to select countries on the first wave of launch. All of these new models will be Windows ready, and will provide users with a chance to enjoy a brand new PC experience while on the go.


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