InnovaTek hand-sized Microreactor turns Liquid Fuel into Hydrogen

InnovaTek hand-sized Microreactor

InnovaTek, a Washington company, has developed a hand-sized mmicroreactor that is able to convert any liquid fuel into hydrogen. Inside the handy device, there is an array of microchannels containing patented catalytic sites. Each microtube helps convert (or reform) a continuous stream of hydrogen from fuels like gasoline, diesel, vegetable oil, biodiesel, propane, natural gas, even the glycerol byproduct from biodiesel manufacturing.

Since the microreactor units can be linked together, InnovaTek has developed systems capable of producing anywhere from 1 to 160 gallons of hydrogen per minute, enough to supply a hydrogen refueling station or, even more exciting, creating on-board hydrogen for fuel-cell powered vehicles.



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