Sigma DP1 DSLR Review

Sigma DP1

PopPhoto has done a test on the Sigma DP1 compact DSLR and a review has been posted. The Sigma DP1 sports a 14 Megapixel Foveon X3 direct-image-sensor, a 16.6mm F4 Sigma lens and a 2.5-inch LCD display.

PopPhoto says:

The DP1 sets a new standard for image quality in a compact camera, especially at ISO 400 and 800. Its fixed 28mm-equivalent f/4 lens has incredibly low distortion and minimal light falloff that adds to image quality.

Now, if only it had a faster AF system, shorter delays between single JPEG and RAW shots, a more sophisticated pop-up flash, and an image-stabilized zoom lens, the DP1’s potential could go well beyond cult favorite to mainstream popularity.


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