Electric Motion Systems E+ Electric Bike

Electric Motion Systems E+ Electric Bike

Electric Motion Systems E+ claims to be the best electric bike in the world. The “E+ is powered by a newly designed and proprietary EMS 1000 watt (750 watt standard) hub-mounted, brushless permanent magnet motor with a state-of-the-art microprocessor and field oriented control”.

There is a LCD display unit showing you the speed, distance traveled, battery capacity, and cruise control option.


Maximum Speed: Greater than 30 mph (off-road version), 20 mph standard (on-road, DOT regulations)

Vehicle Range: Electric power only: 20 miles on a single charge; with moderate pedaling: 40+ miles

Power Output: 1000 watts (optional), 750 watts standard, 1000 watts maximum resistance (in full exercise mode)

Torque Output: Computer controlled with throttle input, nineteen user selectable riding modes, Max: 85 Newton meter

Environmentally Friendly: Virtually silent. No emissions. Exceptionally smooth operation—from start throughout speed range. No gears or belts. Highly resistant to water, sand, and mud intrusion and shock.

Motor: Hub-mounted, gearless, and brushless DC Permanent Magnet Motor. Designed by EMS, the electric motor embodies advanced technology, exceptionally smooth, virtually silent, field-oriented control with Texas Instruments’ 32-bit 28x Digital Signal Processor. Requires no user adjustment or intervention.

Battery: The 36V 9 Ah Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack, designed by EMS, has a state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) for optimal performance, maximum life, and safety. Battery Life: 500+ charging cycles. Charge time: 4-6 hours by plugging into a standard outlet. 115-230V custom charger supplied. Protected against over charge and over discharge—requires no user adjustment or intervention for operation or safety.

Display & Vehicle Controller/Security Key: Advanced software algorithms control all motor and battery functions, delivering safe and reliable power at all operating speeds. LCD-display/controller shows speed, distance traveled, battery capacity, and cruise control option. 19 cycling modes. Pocket-sized and removable for safe and easy storage, when display/controller is removed, battery is disabled and motor is put into full resistance mode, making pedaling virtually impossible.

Additional Security: Electromagnetic wheel lockdown (motor is put into highest resistance mode) with security key feature (standard).

Cruise Control: Standard on all E+ models, set the speed you want and E+ maintains it.

Frame & Components: Two models: E+ Mountain Bike and E+ Cruiser. High quality aluminum welded frame, superbly finished, with Shimano and other high quality components.

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