ZeeVee ZvBox Media Streamer

ZeeVee ZvBox Media Streamer

ZeeVee introduces the ZvBox media streamer, which enables users to watch any internet media on the TV set. Simply plug the device into a computer’s VGA port and signals are then transmitted via the existing coaxial cabling.

How it works;

# PC’s content piped through VGA, which is then sent through coaxial cabling to every TV in your home
# VGA pass-through ensures your PC monitor continues to operate normally
# Audio (including Dolby Digital 5.1) is inputted via USB
# No equipment is needed at the TV end for reception; all signals are received from the TV’s QAM-capable internal tuner
# Users can opt to view their unadulterated desktop
# Otherwise, the Zviewer lays out customizable launch icons to take you directly to Netflix, Hulu, ABC.com, YouTube, MOJO, KoldCast or any other destination you choose
# Users have total control of their PC from their television; watching back PVR recordings, playing DVDs, viewing photos, etc. is all possible
# ZvBox possesses no fan, thus there’s no noise
# ZvRemote controls volume / channels, has built-in touchpad for interfacing with PC
# Optional ZvKeyboard coming this summer (no price disclosed)
# Shipments will begin in June, consumers can pre-order exclusively from Amazon beforehand



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