Mtron PRO 7500 series – the Fastest SSD

Mtron PRO 7500 series - the Fastest SSD

Mton, from Korea, announced the completion of its development of the new Pro 7500 series Solid State Drive (SSD) for industrial use. The new Pro 7500 works with the SATA II interface and offers a maximum read speed of 130MB/s and write speed of 120MB/s.

Claimed to be the fastest SSD in the market, the Pro 7500 supports Random Read IOPS (Data input/output speed) of 19,000, a speed that is 65 times faster than current industrial purpose SAS HDD, and it consume less electricity than HDD.

The Mtron Pro 7500 series is available in 32 GB to 128 GB capacities in 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch sizes.



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