AUO Shows new Display Technology

AU Optronics Curved Display, Ultra Thin Screen and Multi-Touch Display

At the SID Week 2008, AU Optronics (AUO) shows us its new display technology. The first one is a curved TFT-LCD display with a 100mm radius. AUO shows also a ultra thin display for mobile phones, which is as thin as 0.63mm. The 8-inch TFT-LCD display weighs only 2.1grams and offers 400nits of brightness.

AUO’s in-cell multi-touch technology is also being showcased. The new technology adds multi-touch feature to TFT-LCD without adding an additional glass.

Other technologies being showed:

  • Grease Free & Touch Mura Free Technology
  • Advanced Capacitor Coupling Technology
  • APE mobile with Ambient Light Sensor
  • sRGB Gamut Mapping Technology
  • Advanced Ultra High Aperture Ratio Technology


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