Toshiba Vardia RD-X7 HDD/DVD Recorder

Toshiba Vardia RD-X7 HDD/DVD Recorder

While Hitachi is showing its Blu-ray/HDD recorder, Toshiba, previously one of supporter of HD DVD, presents the Vardia RD-X7 HDD/DVD hybrid recorder. The Vardia RD-X7 comes with 1TB of hard drive capacity and it can also record videos to DVD-R/-R DL/ DVD-RW/ CD-R/RW media. It can also convert MPEG-2 files into AVCHD MPEG-4. HDMI output is also available.

There are also models with smaller hard drive, the RD-S502 with 500GB and RD-S302/RD-E302 with 300GB.



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