Honlai QingBar MP101 Mini Projectors for iPhone/iPod

Honlai QingBar iPhone/iPod Mini Projectors

Honlai, from Taiwan, presents 3 QingBar mini projectors, including the MP100, MP101, and MP102.

The MP100 LCoS projector features a 0.44-inch panel, 200:1 contrast ratio, 640×480 VGA resolution output, 1W built-in speaker and supports Composite video in.

MP101 is a mini projector for the iPhone and iPod Touch, like the MP100, it can display 640×480 VGA images and offers 200:1 contrast ratio and 10-15 lumens brightness.

There is also the MP102, which is similar to the 2 offerings above but it has D-Sub 15 pin video terminal and mini AV jack.

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