Motion C5 and F5 Tablet PCs

Motion C5 and F5 Tablet PCs

Motion Computing introduces the C5 and F5 tablet PCs. The C5 is a Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) for health care workers. It has 80GB hard drive, though you have the option to get the SSD. C5 has also the option to get the integrated mobile broadband with the EV-DO module.

On the other hand, the F5 is a semi-rugged tablet PC we have seen before in a video. Like the C5, you have to options to get SSD and EV-DO connectivity.

There are also new accessories for both devices, including a Mobile Dock and Flex Carry case system. Both of them will run on Windows Vista Business.

Motion F5 and C5 slates, with SSD and WWAN support, are priced at $3,567 and  $3,366 respectively.



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