Samsung TL34HD and TL9 Digital Cameras

Samsung TL34HD and TL9 Digital Cameras

Samsung announced two new digital cameras in its TL series, the TL34HD and the TL9, which are also known as the NV34HD and NV9 in the Europe market.

As the model name suggested, the TL34HD is to replace the NV24HD camera. It offers 14.7-inch Megapixel sensor, 3.6x optical zoom Schneider lens with 29mm wide angle, optical and digital dual image stabilization.

The TL34HD (NV34HD) can record 720p HD movies. It comes with a 3-inch large display, which can be utilized by Samsung’s Smart Touch 2.0 user interface.

Another new camera is the TL9 (NV9), replacing the NV8. The TL9 is a camera with PMP and MP3 capability. It features 10 megapixel resolution, 5x optical zoom, ISO up to 1600, digital and optical image stabilization, face detection, blink detection and ability to capture SVGA (800×592) MPEG-4 videos.

Both cameras will be available in September and are priced at $330(TL34HD) and $280 (TL9).

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