Opticon H16 and H19 Smartphones

Opticon H16 and H19 Smartphones

Opticon introduces the H16 and H19 Windows Mobile based PDA phones. The H16 runs the Windows Mobile 5.0 while the H19 has the Windows Mobile 6.

The H16 (H16a) smartphone is powered by a Samsung S3C2440A 400Mhz processor, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM. It is a candy-bar style phone.

On the other hand the WM6 H19 (H19a) also gets the Samsung S3C2440 400MHz processor. It has 64MB RAM and 512MB Flash memory, and integrated SiRF Star III chipset for GPS navigation. It offers a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Both of them feature WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, Barcode scanner, and a mini SDIO card slot. The two phone has been certified by AT&T for use on its network.

[Opticon H16 | H19]


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