Philips Swarovski Active Crystals and Moon USB Drives

Philips Swarovski Moon

Philips and Swarovski not only collaborate to offer the Breeze Bluetooth headset, the two company introduces also the Active Crystals series and Moon USB flash drives.

Swarovski’s Moon pendant/USB memory key has 2GB of capacity. The Moon’s polished stainless steel body is the setting for the fully facetted clear crystal.

Philips Swarovski Active Crystals Naughty Raymond

There is also the new robot-lije crystal USB drives of Active Crystals series. Two version arw available, the Naughty Raymond (Black) and the Happy Laura (White), which look like a robot. Both of them are stubbed with Swarovski in the Pointiage technique. They both offer 2GB of storage capacity.

Philips Swarovski Active Crystals Happyh Laura

[Swarovski 1 2] [Philips]


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