Sharp AQUOS D65U and D85U LCD HDTVs

Sharp AQUOS D65U and D85U LCD HDTVs

Sharp shows at the CEDIA EXPO its new AQUOS D65U and D85U series LCD HDTVs. Both D65U and D85U feature Full HD 1080p resolution, 17-degree viewing angle, built-in analog and digital TV Tuner, Advanced Super View (ASV) panel and PC input. The AQUOS D85U comes with also 120Hz Frame Rate Conversion, and a 4ms response time.

The AQUOS D65U is available in three models: the 52-inch LC-52D65U, 46-inch LC-46D65U 46-inch and the 42-inch LC-42D65U. The price starts from $1,599.99.

AQUOS D85U is also available in three models, LC-52D85U, LC-46D85U and LC-42D85U. The price starts from $1,899.99.



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