Pioneer Elite KURO Signature Series Plasma

Pioneer Elite KURO Signature Series Plasma

Pioneer ships its new Elite KURO Signature Series plasma monitors, including the 50-inch PRO-101FD and the 60-inch PRO-141FD. They are only 2.5-inches thick.

“Pioneer Elite continues to set the benchmark in video performance, and the new Signature Series monitors will raise the bar even higher – they could be the finest flat-panel products ever offered,” said Joe Barrett, president of Barrett Home Theater. “It’s great Pioneer is taking the Elite brand to the next level with these Signature Series monitors, addressing the discerning needs of the upscale custom client who is always looking for best-in-class products.”

Elite KURO Signature Series PRO-101FD and PRO-141FD are priced at $5500 and $7000 respectively.



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