JVC DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 THX Certified HD Projectors

JVC DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 THX Certified HD Projectors

JVC introduces at the CEDIA EXPO 2008 its DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 Full HD projectors that are THX Certified. The THX certification ensure users that these two projectors are able to present a wide range of video content at maximum resolutions with the correct color and luminance levels.

They have JVC’s 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA devices and offers a native contrast ratio of 30,000:1. These two THX projectors feature the HQV Reon-VX video processor developed by Silicon Optix to ensure excellent image projection.

JVC HD750 and RS20 offers also the THX Movie Mode for watching DVD, Blu-ray as well as TV broadcast. They comes with 2x zoom lens. They have the HDMI version 1.3 (Deep Color/CEC) input.


Both JVC DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 will be available in pearl black finish, in November for less than $8000.

JVC offers also the DLA-HD350 and the DLA-RS20, which are the little brother of the two THX projectors. They have the simlar features but without the THX certification. RS10 offers 17,000:1 contrast ration while the RS350 has 15,000:1 ratio. They will be priced below $6000.



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