ezJam Combo Guitar for Wii

ezJam Combo Guitar for Wii

ezGear presents the ezJam Combo Guitar for Wii, which is the first guitar controller that can work with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero in the Wii console. Thanks to the DC2 Dual Connect technology, gamers can use this ezJam to play either game.

Integrated components inside the controller offer wireless connections and functionality for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, while wireless connections remain separate for each.

This ezJam Combo Guitar will be available in October for $69. Features:

  • Guitar Hero AND Rock Band in One (1)
  • Less expensive than Buying 2 Guitars
  • DC2 Dual Connect Technology
  • Supra10 10 Fret Keyboard 5 Standard Keys & 5 Smaller Keys for smaller hands
  • ezSpring Chome Strum Bar and Whammy Bar
  • Supports RockBand Guitar Effects
  • Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • Includes Neck Strap and Wireless Receiver
  • Built in Wii Control buttons on Front of Guitar


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