Toshiba 240GB 1.8-Inch Hard drive

Toshiba announced its new 1.8-inch hard drive, that comes with up to 240GB hard drive. Toshiba’s new 1.8-inch HDD is world’s first dual-platter 240GB (MK2431GAH) hard drive. There is also the single-platter 120GB (MK1231GAL) and the 80GB (MK8031GAL). All of them use the Parallel ATA interface.

Toshiba has used a new mechanical and firmware design for enhanced durability. The leader in 1.8-inch HDD market also optimize the power performance of 240GB MK2431GAH to new levels with a 33 percent overall improvement in energy
consumption efficiency.

The new 1.8-inch series offers a rotational speed of 4,200 RPM, 8MB of buffer memory, and up to 488 Mbps media transfer rate.



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