Leica S-System and S2 DSLR

Leica introduces the new S-System and the first camera of the S-System, the S2 professional DSLR. The Leica S2 features a 37 Megapixel 30x45mm image sensor, which is 56% larger than those used in 35mm full-frame DSLRs.

Other than the S2 camera, Leica prepared also nine S-System lenses. The product manager of Leica, Maike Harberts, expects “S2 to be able to perform twice as fast as Hasselblad H-series cameras and put in a better performance at high ISOs too.”

  • Large 30x45mm sensor containing 37-million pixels
  • Small body similar to that of a professional 35mm DSLR
  • Weatherproof seals
  • Three-inch high-quality LCD screen
  • Dual shutter system – focal plane or leaf
  • Records files in open DNG format
  • Range of nine new lenses, including a 120mm macro, tilt-and-shift 30mm, 70mm f/2.5 standard lens and 24mm ultrawide-angle


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