Sony SRX-T110 and SRX-T105 4K SXRD Projectors

Other than JVC’s Ultra HD projector, Sony also introduces its Full HD 4K (Ultra HD projectors, the 4K SXRD SRX-T110 and SRX-T105. Both projectors is equipped with three Sony’s new 4K SXRD RGB panels offering a 4,096 x 2,160 ultra HD resolution (8.85 Megapixel). They have a contrast ratio of 2,500:1.

The Sony SRX-T110 features a 11,000 lumens brightness while the SRX-T105 offers only 5500 lumens. Both 4K SXRD projectors will be available in November. The T100 costs 12 Million Yen while the T105 will be priced at 7.9 Million Yen.

[Sony JP]


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