NEC MultiSync EA241WM and EA19M LCD Displays

NEC MultiSync EA241WM and EA19M LCD Displays

NEC adds to its MultiSync EA series the EA241WM and EA19M LCD displays, joining the 26-inch EA261WM and 22-inch EA221WM.

NEC MultiSync EA241WM 24-inch display is based on TN panel. It features a 1920×1200 HD resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400cd/m2 brightness, 5ms response time and 80-degree viewing angle. It supports DVI-D and VGA inputs. MultiSync EA241WM comes with also integrated USB 2.0 hub.

The 19-inch MultiSync EA19M is based on the better PVA LCD panel. It offers a 1280×1024 resolution, 1500:1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness. 25ms response time and 88-degree viewing angle. It accepts both DVI-D and VGA inputs.

Both LCD monitos features:

  • 4-way ergonomic design (height-adjust, pivot, tilt & swivel)
  • Space-saving, down-firing multimedia speakers with headphone jack
  • Multi-directional NaViKeyTM
  • Dynamic Video Mode
  • ECO ModeTM and carbon footprint meter
  • EPEAT Gold-compliant
[NEC 1 2]


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