Nintendo DSi with Two Cameras

Nintendo DSi with Two Cameras

Nintendo officially announced its DSi, an update to its DS handheld gaming device. Nintendo’s DSi comes with an external camera and a front camera on the hinge. By dropping the GBA cartridge slot, the DSi is 12% thinner than the DS Lite.

The two displays on the DSi are also larger, at 3.25-inch and only the lower screen is a touchscreen. The DSi offers both internal storage and an SD card slot. It comes with pre-loaded browser as well as a MP3 player.

Nintendo, along with the new DSi, announced the DSi Shop that users can connect using their DSi using WiFi. Nintendo offers free WiFi connections in McDonald’s in Japan.

Nintendo DSi with Two Cameras

The new Nintendo DSi will be available in Japan in 1 November for 18900 Yen. Black and White colors will be launched.

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