Nero LiquidTV / TiVo PC

Nero LiquidTV / TiVo PC

Nero introduces the new Liquid TV /TiVo PC DVR package that brings the TiVo interface to your PC. The Nero Liquid TV | TiVo PC is a next generation DVR application for your PC built around the TiVo service. The package comes with a Hauppage USB ATSC tuner, an IR receiver, and a TiVo remote and a year of TiVo service.

With the Liquid TV | TiVo PC application, you can watch and record shows in HD and Standard formats on TV or on PC. You can also export recorded shows to iPod or PSP format. It even allows you to schedule TV recordings online. This package is priced at $199.

Highlights of Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC

  • Enjoy the unique and easy-to-use TiVo interface
  • Watch and record shows in HD and Standard formats on your TV or on your PC
  • Export your favorite programs to portable media players
  • Burn shows to DVD or save them to your hard drive
  • Schedule TV recordings online (US and Canada only)
  • Pause Live TV on your PC
  • Includes a 12-month subscription to the TiVo service
  • All the great TiVo features like Season Pass and WishList included


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