Shuttle XPC SP35P2 barebone PC

Shuttle XPC SP35P2 barebone PC

Shuttle presents the XPC SP35P2 barebon mini PC. The XPC SP35P2 features support for Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad series processor at up to up to 1333MHz FSB, up to 8GB of memory at Dual channel DDR2 667/800, on board 3.0Gb/s bandwidth SATAII, and a PCI-Express x16 slot. It has also eSATA port.

There is also the SP35P2 Pro that comes with an additional layer of security with the integrated biometric Fingerprint Recognition Technology. The Pro version has also the USB Speed-Link feature.

The XPC SP35P2 and SP35P2 Pro is available now starting at $440.



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