Yoggie Gatekeeper Security Systems for Mac

Yoggie Gatekeeper Security Systems for Mac

Yoggie announced its new Gatekeeper Pico and Gatekeeper Card Pro hardware internet security devices for Mac. Both Gatekeeper devices are full-blown mini-computers with their own processor, memory and hardened Linux operating system.

The Gatekeeper Pico is a USB key-size mini computer while the  Gatekeeper Card Pro uses the ExpressCard slot. They comes with 12 built-in security applications and boot up automatically with you Mac and protect your Mac.

The Gatekeep for Mac support Mac OS X 10.5.4 or above. The price of Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico for Mac is $149 and the Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac is $199.

Full list of security functions in the Gatekeeper for Mac products:

  • Integrated stateful inspection firewall
  • Snort Intrusion Detection System
  • Snort Intrusion Prevention System
  • Sourcefire VRT certified Snort rules
  • Kaspersky anti-virus
  • Kaspersky anti-spyware
  • Mailshell anti-spam
  • Mailshell anti-phishing
  • SurfControl Web content filtering
  • Adaptive Security Policy
  • Multi-Layer Security Agent
  • Layer-8 Security Engine
  • VPN client (Card version only)


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