Denon DVD-3800BDCI High-end Blu-ray Player

Denon DVD-3800BDCI High-end Blu-ray Player

Denon presents the DVD-3800BDCI high-end Blu-ray player. Denon DVD-3800BDCI is the first Blu-ray player to have the 10-bit Silicon Optix sxT2 HQV Realta chipset HDMI v1.3a for outstanding HD video output and Deep Color support. It features the Denon D.D.S.C.-HD circuitry for the highest level of audio decoding.

Denon DVD-3800BDCI features also Burr Brown DSPs, AL24 processors and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders. It comes with a SD card slot for image viewing.

The Denon DVD-3800BDCI is available in the US for $1999.99. It is also available in the UK as the DVD-3800BD for GBP 1600.



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