Nextar SNAP5 and SNAP7 GPS Devices

Nextar SNAP5 and SNAP7 GPS Devices

Nextar announces its new SNAP GPS navigation units, the SNAP5 and SNAP7. The SNAP6 has a 5-inch touchscreen display while the SNAP7 gets a 7-inch one. Both device are ultra slim at 0.7-inch thick and comes with Nextar’s magnetic docking station.

Both SNAP5 and SNAP7 features 3D building display, text-to-speech, MP3 playback and JPEG viewing support. They are pre-loaded with all 50 states and Canada with POIs. They come with integrated speaker and a SD card slot for storing music and JPEG images.

Nextar’s SNAP5 and SNAP7 will be available in Spring 2005 for $299.99 and $349.99 respectively.



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