Shuttle XPC H7 7800H Mini PC

Shuttle XPC H7 7800H Mini PC

Shuttle announced for Europe its XPC H7 7800H mini PC system that comes with a brand-new, discreet aluminum H7 case design. The H7 7800H is an AMD-based mini PC.

The XPC H7 7800H complete mini-PC system is based on Shuttle’s own XPC Barebone SN78SH7. It is powered by an AMD Athlon X2 6000+ processor, 2GB of DDR2 memory, 500GB SATA II hard drive and integrated NVIDIA GeForce 8200 graphics. You can also expect a Blu-ray combo optical drive, built-in DVB-T/Analog Hybrid TV Tuner with remote control, WiFi Wireless LAN, and a 25-in-2 card reader.

Buyers can also have their own configurations. XPC H7 7800H runs Windows Vista Home Premium. The suggested price is EURO 915.



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