Panasonic PH11 Series Plasma Display for Germany

panasonic TH-65PF11EK plasma display

Panasonic introduces in Germany its new PH11 series plasma display. The new 11 series plasma includes the Full HD 42-inch TH-42PF11EK, 50-inch TH-50PF11EK, 58-inch TH-58PF11EK and 65-inch TH-65PF11EK. They all offer Full HD 1920x1080p resolution, 1200cd/m2 brightness and 30000:1 contrast ratio.

There is also the 42-inch TH-42PH11EK/ES and 50-inch TH-50PH11EK/ES that deliver 1024×768 and 1366×768 resolution respectively and 1400cd/m2 brightness and 15000:1 contrast ratio.



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