Shinoda 125-inch Flexible Plasma Display in 2009

Shinoda 125-inch Flexible Plasma Display

Shinoda, a Japanese display company, is going to start production of its 3-meter wide flexible plasma display in 2009. Shinoda has developed technology to make plasma displays that are only 1mm thin and flexible. However, the prototype shown by the company offers only 960×360 resolution which is a bit low.

Rather than make the screen on large sheets of inflexible glass the plasma array screen uses thin glass tubes with walls that are just 0.1 millimeters thick. Inside the tubes the construction is similar to that of conventional plasma display panels but the use of the tubes means the screen is not only thin — the 3 meter by 1 meter prototype is only a millimeter thick — but also flexible.

[PCWorld] via [engadget]


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