Sony VPL-FX41, VPL-FX40 and VPL-FE40 BrightEra LCD Projectors

Sony VPL-FX41 BrightEra LCD Projector

Sony has previsously introduced its BrightEra LCD projectors and now the company has launched the VPL-FX41, VPL-FX40 and VPL-FE40 BrightEra projectors to the market.

The VPL-FE40 can deliver 1400×1050 SXGA+ resolution while the VPL-FX41 and VPL-FX40 can show 1024×768 XGA images. As for brightness, VPL-FX41 5,200 lumens and the VPL-FX40 and VPL-FE40 models offer 4,000 lumens.

Powered by 3LCD technology, the three projectors all feature Sony’s BrightEra technology for producing a higher aperture ratio to deliver brighter images. There is also 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction Circuitry  for accurate gamma correction. Optional lenses are available for these projectors to meet a range of short- or long-throw projection needs.

Sony offers also the VPL-FX41L, VPL-FE40L and VPL-FX40L that come without a lens. Of course, users can then choose from the four optional lenses to fit their own needs.

All these BrightEra projectors are available now and the price are listed below:

  • VPL-FX41      $6,270
  • VPL-FX41L    $6,000
  • VPL-FE40       $6,000
  • VPL-FE40L     $5,730
  • VPL-FX40      $4,670
  • VPL-FX40L    $4,400


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